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Company Info

TDF is leading the genre of pixel art using the tiny pixels to create work
that transcends real and virtual worlds, adding fun and joy to our lives.


`Street Fighter,’
`Bubble Bobble’ and `Tetris’
and countless more games that
made our hearts race
as a child

Classics were based
on small, square pixels
- the minimum unit of a 2D image.

Those tiny pixels were
linked to each other
and combined to create a shape.

Scenes and stories were
added to move
our hearts
and give us endless joy.

We are aiming to fill the world
with those small pixels
- those atom-like pixels
that are the basis of all graphics.

By drawing and connecting
the hope and future of our dreams,
sometimes with a dot,
or sometimes with a line or surface

We want to return
the happiness and joy
we felt as children to others

Transcending reality
and virtual reality
- making the world more beautiful
by filling it with pixels

TDF is a company that specializes in 2D game graphic production. It was established in 2019 as an affiliate of Nexon Co. TDF employs many artists that have participated in projects at large game developers in Korea and abroad, such as Nexon Korea, Neople, NCSoft and Capcom.
TDF is currently participating in many 2D pixel graphic-based online & mobile games serviced by Nexon Co., including ‘Dungeon Fighter,’ ‘Maple Story,’ and `‘razy Arcade BnB.’ TDF is also participating in the original game development of the 3D voxel graphic-based metaverse platform, ‘The Sandbox’, as well as in NFT asset production.