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Who We Are?

The Design

TDF is leading the genre of pixel art using the tiny pixels to create work
that transcends real and virtual worlds, adding fun and joy to our lives.

01 Full Inventory

Unparalleled experience
in game art -
creators of
countless styles and genres

TDF employs over 80 game graphic specialists
who have participated in the development of numerous projects
at top-tier game developers in Korea and abroad,
such as Nexon, Neople, NCSoft and Capcom.

02 New Quest

Fearless attempts
at new projects and
flexible implementations

TDF refuses to settle in the present,
continuously taking on new challenges and trying new things.
The company is actively expanding into new areas
such as Metaverse and NFT-related businesses,
in addition to its online PC games and mobile games business.

03 Best Guild

An impeccable quality
management system
& customer-first rule

Our biggest goal and mission is to passionately and zealously
manage our game graphic quality, to deliver the best results
that meet the high standards of our customers.
We provide top quality work and values at every level
- and at every step - to achieve perfection.

04 Academy

TDF’s Game Graphic
nurtures game artists
of tomorrow

TDF’s directly-operated Game Graphic Academy
nurtures next-generation game artists by providing
both training and employment opportunities:
after completing a training program, graduates
are evaluated and hired to work at TDF’s design teams.